Securities & Investor Disputes

Investment professionals or financial advisors and firms owe specific duties to their customers, including recommending appropriate, suitable investments. At Simmons Law Firm, we have represented customers in court and in arbitration proceedings to assist investors in recouping losses.

For example, Simmons Law Firm recently filed arbitration claims with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc. (FINRA) on behalf of numerous South Carolina residents alleging that companies mismanaged their investment accounts by recommending high-risk and illiquid structured CDs, structured notes and non-traded REITs.

Structured products such as structured CDs and notes are very complicated and highly risky investments that are rarely suitable for most retail investors, in particular senior citizens. These investments often are sold as paying above-average yields. However, the promised rates are usually only in the first year, i.e. a teaser rate. In subsequent years, the income payments decline, and investors are locked into the product and will suffer significant losses if the investment is sold prior to maturity.

Structured CDs, notes, and non-traded REITs are often unsuitable for retirees with short time horizons and brokerage firms can be held responsible for recommending them to their customers.

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